The VEEP is themed in US politics, but is essentially about human failures.


米高梅制片厂近日正式发布了他们logo的崭新版本,狮子不再是纯摄影的,而是数码版的了,为的是要将高清度最大化。 这狮子陪着我和千千万万电影发烧友长大。 这新版让我最喜欢的是,它添加了口号的英文版:Art for Art’s sake,由金色标带隆重拉出,到最后定格时才转成拉丁文的“Ars Gratia Artis”。


Looking forward to this ocumentary. The man’s give a damn for science is infectious. Being the skunk at the picnic wouldn’t have been easy in the pre-Biden White House🤔.

Watch it from a desktop with a woofer. The trailer’s accompanying score is glorious😍

嫁 入 桃 门


Brevity or Clarity?

Or creativity, or directionality? — just to name a few unique qualities that separate the good and poor translations.

Having a voice

I am all for everyone having a voice; I just don’t think everyone has earned the microphone. And that’s what the Internet has done.

Aaron Sorkin

Not at all Equal

Not all translations are ‘born’ equal, because not all translators are the same 😎.

5923 Pieces of Fun

Lego’s graphic-only, no-text instructions are understood across language, culture and age. Its presentation provides some clues to how best facilitate bi-lingual communication.

断 垣 之 美

Elegant decay是源自西欧的一种对历史性建筑、文化产物的审美观点。基本的观念是: 历史悠久的建筑或文化造物会随着岁月添增而愈加绚美。