“Hillary makes a trail stop between two ferns”

The light side of Hillary Clinton is delightful😍.

This is one of my favorite news headlines during the 2016 US presidential election year. It’s about Hillary Clinton’s appearance in “Between Two Ferns”.

“Between Two Ferns” is a comedy talk show hosted by Zach Galifianakis.

I have never heard about Galifianakis until the Hillary episode came along. This one is an absolute blast. Galifianakis’ questions were hilariously off beat, yet sharply pointed. The total innocent look on his face when delivering the most brutal jabs aimed at Donald Trump was very very funny (No, this is not a partisan show. But so much of HC’s campaign is defined by Trump’s craziness that no HC-talk could bypass Trump the Elephant in the room).

I really liked the side of Hillary reveal in the episode. I have always been skeptical about the notion that Hillary is a cold and distant figure. No doubt she is a highly focused person and apparently spends lots of her time thinking and breathing politics. However, no one can survive decades of sustained personal attacks in the full glare of public view like she has if one does not possess a healthy degree of self-deprecation, a good sense of humor, and an ability to take oneself lightly.

The whole show is so funny through and through that it is really hard to pick which bit cracks me up the most 🤣🤣. But if I must name one, it’s Galifianakis’ “What happens if you become pregnant? Are we going to be stuck with Tim Kaine for 9 months? How does this work?”.

Or this one: “Not to take away from that historic significance of you perhaps becoming the first female president, but for a younger, younger generation, you will also become their first white president. And that’s pretty neat, too.”


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