The VEEP is themed in US politics, but is essentially about human failures.

I’m always late to the party when it comes to TV hits. I don’t have the patience nor discipline to follow streaming schedules. So I always have them cold. In boxsets with a discount price😋.

One of these boxsets came to me just before Easter😎 —- the VEEP, a dizzying satire on the life of a fictional Vice-Presisent of the United States, portrayed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Normally, satire is not my first choice when it comes to binging. How long does it take to ridicule someone? I’m more of a drama person. VEEP was picked purely out of my faith in Louis-Dreyfus.

Well, it turns out to be quite a treat😍. The show is pretty sharp and funny.

Its humor stems not so much from the characters’ being witty but the crude display of their unfiltered thoughts and brazen deeds. These then create tons of comic fallout from the unabashedness in asserting their thoughts, and ineptness in executing their deeds.

Although themed in US politics, this is a show essentially about human failure. All plot-lines are centered on the VP’s professional and personal ineffectiveness and her staff’s incompetence. The VP’s office is constantly in crisis mode, basically.

Shows about human failure are ever popular because we see a lot of ourselves in them. Plus everyone loves watching how other people stuff up. Throw in tons of well written biting commentaries in the form of dialogue, you’d have something pretty addictive.

I got hooked for three days and eventually overdosed by the end of Season 3😣😣.

So, here I am on Easter Sunday, trying to recover from it. Hopefully viewing can be resumed very soon😍🤩.


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